The three-dimensional printed decorative film undergoes a special surface treatment, so that the user can observe the texture of the grain from the side light. And the touch is not bump, which is more convenient for daily care. This kind of product has more outstanding imitation effect; 3D printing effect is exquisite, the coloris clear, the texture is outstanding. The product can be widely used in various indoor decorations, suitable for interior door, furniture sliding doors and other applications. It can be applied in many ways, such as using vacuum press technology, wrapping technology or using flat lamination technology. It has good flexibility and mechanical properties, and can adapt to the intended use.
غوښتنلیکونه: فرنیچر، داخلي دروازې، د پخلنځي المارۍ، د تشناب المارۍ.
مواد: PVC
د پروسس ډول: د ویکیوم پریس، فلیټ لامینیشن
ملکیتونه: د داغ مقاومت، میخانیکي ځواک، د وړ وړ
سطحه: MDF، MLB، چپبورډ.د فوم تخته
ضخامت: 0.18mm، 0.25mm، 0.30mm، 0.35mm
عرض: 1260mm، 1400mm
د رول اوږدوالی: 100-300 خطي متره (د فلم ضخامت پورې اړه لري)
MOQ 1000 - 5000 خطي متره (د اړتیا وړ ډیزاین پورې اړه لري)

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